People who also write about food:

A Chow Life – by Red Menace (aka Robin), a beautiful lady who makes beautiful food, and has a way of writing that you feel like you’re a friend hanging out in her kitchen.

A Cozy Kitchen – by Adrianna and Caroline, two Southern ladies in California who dream up the most interesting comforting recipes. Marshmallow milkshakes? Heck yes!

A Little Ginger – by Maddie. She’s such a sweetheart, and consistently writes things that make her seem like a mind reader to me. And she’s back from a short hiatus! I missed her.

Anger Burger – by Sunday. I’ll just quote, “the violent collision of food lust and digestive disease;” she never fails to make me laugh and also has some killer recipes.

Armchair Chef – by Bryan. It’s the nerdy guy food blog, and this nerdy girl certainly enjoys his posts. His writing is always fun to read, and he really knows his stuff when it comes to food.

Caviar & Codfish – One of the first food blogs I started reading, years and years ago. Robin isn’t around right now, but it is definitely worth going through her archives. The grape pie recipe? I found it there.

Delish – is written by Ashley, who has a plethora of interesting recipes under her belt. She makes me smile.

Dinners & Dreams – Nisrine is a sweet sweet lady whose experience with Moroccan cuisine consistently gets my mouth watering. There are so many of her recipes that I have bookmarked to try!

Eat Make Read – Kelly makes gorgeous food, takes sublime photos, and hosts happy hour every Friday! So worth stopping by.

Food Loves Writing – Shannalee relates food to life seamlessly. This could be because food is so involved in all parts of life, but it’s also because she is a very skilled writer. Also, she inspires me to experiment with alternative grains.

Food on the Dole – Hugh’s posts on “staying creative and well fed” make so much sense to me. Isn’t that a great way to approach food?

Food Woolf – Brooke is such an insightful writer, I come away from her posts with something to mull over almost every time.

In Praise of Leftovers – Sarah consistently reminds me not to get caught up or harried with everyday life. It’s important to be reminded of that some times (especially for me).

Ivory Pomegranate – Kirstin is my age, and is halfway across the world right now. The trials of cooking in Kyrgyzstan are sometimes humorous, and her recipes are great!

Macheesmo – Nick has a way of making everything seem really clear and easy to do, he gives great tips and advice in his recipes too.

Melissa Made – Melissa cooks and sews! Two things I love to do!

Off the (Meat) Hook – Karen is “carnivorous and fabulous,” I love seeing what she’s been up to in her kitchen.

Our Forking Blog – They make fun fabulous food. I’m especially a fan of their desserts.

Poetic Appetite – Anne (who just wrote a book) is a person I can relate to, she makes me smile.

Sassy Radish – Olga takes such gorgeous photos of her food. And her food is always so inspired. What’s not to love?

Take a Megabite – Megan is so sweet, and she has a sweet tooth that matches (or maybe even exceeds) mine. She is an amazing baker.

Taste of Beirut – Joumana is so prolific, and constantly inspires me. She’s such a smart cookie, and seems to be able to make anything good.

The Crepes of Wrath – Sydney was not always culinarily inclined (you wouldn’t know unless you’ve read her about me page), but she seems to have really hit her stride. She makes so many great accessible foods; you will either have the ingredients in your pantry or could pick them up easily at the corner store.

The Kitchen Witch – Dana, who has the same name as me, is an amazing writer who is so honest, witty, and funny to read. She has so many stories to tell, and so many recipes to share.


And because everyone needs a laugh:

Girls with Slingshots


Scandinavia and the World

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