Allergic Reaction Free, No Nut Nutella…. In the Dark!

As I have mentioned before, the Mister is allergic to nuts. All of this is much to his chagrin; his nut allergy is not very severe and so he had the opportunity to enjoy lovely nutty food before he found out about his allergy. He knows what hazelnuts taste like, and he likes them a lot. But, he cannot have any, due to concerns that if he exposes himself to them too often that his allergy could become anaphylactic. His doctor says that Mister is one of the few patients he has who actively wants to involve himself with what he is allergic to.

What Mister wants the most is: Nutella. He laments about the chocolatey, hazelnutty goodness that comes in that jar. He wants some on his toast, knows how yummy it would be, but alas, no Nutella for him.

Which is why I was so excited when I read a recipe for Tahini Nutella on Taste of Beirut. A recipe for a version of Nutella that didn’t contain anything he was allergic to? I’d hit the jackpot.

We went on our hunt for tahini (stores never seem to put it in a logical place) and got out the chocolate from the pantry. I set up a bain-marie, got the butter and chocolate melting…

and the power went out.

So we improvised, got out our flashlights, used an eggbeater instead of a food processor, made toast for the taste test directly on one of the burners on the stove. Here is a record of our adventure:

No Nut Nutella

(adapted from Tahini-Nutella by Joumana at Taste of Beirut)

1/2 Cup butter

200 grams dark chocolate

10 oz sweetened condensed milk (I opened a 14 oz can and froze the rest for later use)

1/3 Cup tahini (or more to your taste, Mister decided it was nutty enough with 1/3 Cup)

  • On the stove, if you don’t have a double boiler, set up a bain-marie by filling a pot part way with water, placing it on the stove top, and putting a heat safe bowl over the pot. Turn on the element or burner, and allow the water to come to a boil, then reducing the heat so that the water simmers.

  • Melt the butter (by placing it in the bowl over the pot, and letting it melt in the heat. Stir occasionally, if you wish).
  • Add the chocolate, in two portions to the butter, also allowing it to melt. Stir often, so that you end up with a smooth chocolate-butter mixture.

  • Add the sweetened concentrated milk to the bowl, stirring until mixed.
  • Beat with an egg beater, or if you have electricity perhaps a blender or food processor, until smooth.

  • Beat (yes, with the egg beater) in tahini slowly, stopping to taste test, until your no nut nutella has reached the desired level of nuttyness.

After you allow the no nut nutella to cool, you can put it in a jar to be kept in the fridge. Or, if you’re feeling impatient in the dark, you can dip toast soldiers, apple slices, and banana bites into the still warm concoction, for a tasty nutella-like fondue.

In the morning, when the power was back on, Mister had toast with no nut nutella on it for breakfast. He says he tastes the difference, it’s not hazelnut-y, but that it is a good replacement. The chocolate and nutty tahini flavor still make for good toast!

If you’ve got someone in your household with nut allergies, or just want to give tahini-nutella a try, I’d really suggest the recipe. It’s pretty darn tasty!

6 thoughts on “Allergic Reaction Free, No Nut Nutella…. In the Dark!

  1. I am lucky enough to not have any food allergies but really feel for those that do. This looks like a great way to bypass that pesky nut allergy. Great Job

  2. Total coolness! I love Nutella and don’t have a nut allergy. But I also welcome any opportunity to eat chocolate and condensed milk at the same time. Great recipe!

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